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Require assistance with data stream configurations, real-time data integration, analytics setup, latency issues, dashboard updates, or any real-time data challenge? Whether it’s for various platforms or tools, be it a small-scale setup or a large-scale infrastructure, our dedicated team stands ready to offer a solution precisely tailored to your requirements.

We Excel in Real-Time Data & Analytics

If you’re encountering challenges with real-time data processing and analytics, our specialists are on hand to assist. Our analysts are available for on-site and remote consultations 7 days a week. We cater to a myriad of tools and platforms!

Real-Time Data & Analytics Services We Offer:

Real-Time Data Stream Configuration

Latency Reduction and Optimisation

Real-Time Dashboard Setup and Maintenance

Data Integrity and Consistency Checks

Analytics Engine Integration

Real-Time Alerting and Monitoring

Scalability Solutions for High Volume Data

Training and Adoption for Real-Time Systems

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Our approach to crafting your Real-Time Data & Analytics Solutions​.

Step 1:
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Before delving into the design, we seek to fully comprehend your real-time data and analytics objectives.

Instead of directly diving into the data streams, it's vital for us to understand your industry, the nuances of your business, your team's workflow, daily challenges, and, with your consent, your unique perspective. This comprehensive insight ensures we truly resonate with your requirements, collaboratively hone your objectives, and identify the analytical strategies most suited for them.

If you have a favoured platform or tool for real-time analytics, we will seamlessly integrate that into our methodology.

Though we take pride in our versatility across diverse sectors, we maintain a commitment to a bespoke approach for every project.

Step 2:

This endeavour might necessitate considerable streamlining and structuring, especially given the real-time nature of the data. If needed, we provide strategic guidance to metamorphose disjointed or chaotic data streams into a framework that matches your objectives, ranging from a simple actionable format to an expansive scalable solution.

We dedicate time to blueprinting the ultimate analytics solution and understanding the deployment plan. This guarantees that your envisioned purpose and the end functionality are harmoniously melded into our development strategy.

Step 3

With our foundational pillars of clear objectives, clean real-time data streams, and meticulously crafted design frameworks, the development of your analytics solution commences on solid ground. We utilise various in-house, pre-configured components, guaranteeing a rapid initiation to your solution's functionality.

As this phase begins, we'll offer branding guidelines, ensuring the outcomes align with and reflect your business's distinct identity from the outset.

Step 4

This stage is often labelled as 'delivery', implying a potentially misleading finality. For us, it extends beyond a mere transfer; we ensure the solutions delivered are seamlessly incorporated into your business, bolstered by user training, thorough documentation, and support for stakeholder buy-in.

From a practical standpoint, we recommend a preliminary soft launch, lasting up to 7 days, for user acceptance testing. This ensures the robustness of the real-time analytics system during daily tasks. After making any necessary tweaks, we move to a live setting, enabling you to optimise your day-to-day processes.

Step 5
Ongoing Support

A remarkable 80% of data initiatives, especially those targeting real-time analytics, are said to falter or completely collapse. The challenges arising after deployment, particularly with real-time data streams, often serve as major stumbling blocks. Unanticipated technical glitches after the primary phase can wane enthusiasm for adopting real-time data solutions.

By partnering with you over a prolonged period, we're positioned to adeptly navigate the unique challenges of real-time analytics. We keep you abreast of the newest developments in real-time data processing and platforms, whilst also providing enduring assistance and continuous education. This strategy not only bolsters your real-time data acumen but also instils confidence among stakeholders, ensuring that real-time analytics becomes an integral part of your company's decision-making fabric.

In essence, our methodology, especially in the realm of real-time data and analytics, is both proactive and fully committed, taking complete responsibility for the solutions we collaboratively realise.

Real-Time Data & Analytics - FAQs

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Which platforms and tools do you specialise in for real-time analytics?

We specialise in an array of platforms including Kafka, Spark Streaming, Flink, and others. Our team ensures the optimal tool is selected based on your specific needs.

We implement rigorous data integrity and consistency checks to guarantee the real-time data you receive is both accurate and reliable.

Indeed, our team is adept at latency reduction and optimisation, ensuring you glean timely insights from your real-time data.

Absolutely! We offer comprehensive training and adoption strategies to ensure your team is fully equipped to handle real-time data tools and systems.

We implement scalability solutions tailored to cater to burgeoning data needs, ensuring smooth performance regardless of data volume.

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