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Need help with Wi-fi and internet configurations, flawless connections, compatibility assessments, bandwidth optimization, or any other connectivity challenge? Whether for compact homes or large-scale businesses, our specialized team is geared up to provide a solution meticulously shaped to meet your specific needs.

We Excel in Superior Wi-fi and Internet Configurations & Effortless Set-up.

If you’re grappling with Wi-fi and internet setup issues or connectivity complexities, our specialists are here to assist you. Our technicians are available for on-site and remote consultations 7 days a week. We’re skilled with a diverse range of modems, routers, mesh networks and connectivity solutions.

Wi-fi and Internet Set-up We Offer:

Comprehensive Network Assessment:

High-Speed Internet Setup:

WiFi Range Extension:

Secure Network Configuration:

Smart Device Integration:

Business Network Solutions:

Guest Network Setup:

Ongoing Support & Troubleshooting:

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Our process to set-up your Wi-fi/Internet

Step 1:
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Before diving into the design, we aim to grasp your dashboard aspirations thoroughly.

Rather than immediately delving into the data, it's crucial for us to get acquainted with your industry, business dynamics, team operations, daily tasks, and, with your permission, your personal perspective. This holistic understanding enables us to truly align with your needs, jointly refine your goals, and pinpoint the visual strategies that best address them.

If you have a preference for specific reporting platforms we'll certainly incorporate that preference into our approach.

While we pride ourselves on our adaptability across various industries, we believe in a tailored approach.

Step 2:

This process might require significant tidying and organising. If so, we offer strategic advice to transform cluttered or scattered data sources into a structure that aligns with your goals, from a basic usable format to a comprehensive scalable system.

We invest time in sketching out the final product and comprehending the execution strategy. This ensures that your intended vision and final utility are seamlessly integrated into the development approach.

Step 3

With our core principles of distinct goals, pristine data, and structured design blueprints, the construction of your dashboard begins on a firm foundation. We leverage several in-house, pre-developed elements, ensuring a swift kick-off to your dashboard's functionality.

Upon the onset of this phase, we'll provide branding guidelines, ensuring that the results resonate with your business's unique character from the get-go.

Step 4

This phase is commonly termed 'delivery', which can suggest an undue sense of conclusion. To us, it's more than just a handoff; we ensure that the provided elements are integrated within your business, accompanied by user training, comprehensive documentation, and backing for stakeholder engagement.

On a pragmatic note, we advise an initial soft rollout spanning up to 7 days for user acceptance testing, validating the dashboard's resilience in day-to-day operations. Once any last adjustments are made, we transition to a live environment, empowering you to enhance your daily operations.

Step 5
Ongoing Support

A staggering 80% of data projects reportedly wane or face outright failure, with complications arising post-deployment as a primary culprit. The emergence of unforeseen technical hitches after the primary consultancy can waver people's enthusiasm towards embracing novel data strategies.

Engaging with you on an extended timeline allows us to smoothly steer through these challenges. We not only keep you updated on the latest advancements in platforms like Power BI and Tableau but also offer sustained support and ongoing education. This aids in fortifying your data proficiency, bolstering stakeholder trust, and firmly embedding your newfound business intelligence within the organisational ethos.

In essence, our approach is both proactive and dedicated, holding ourselves wholly responsible for the solutions we collaboratively bring to life.

Wi-fi and Internet Set-up - FAQs

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I'm experiencing slow internet speeds. Can you help?

Absolutely! We can assess your current setup, recommend optimal settings or upgrades, and even guide you in selecting a better plan with your ISP if needed.

We offer WiFi range extension solutions, such as mesh networks and strategically placed extenders, to ensure every corner of your space has strong WiFi coverage.

With our “Automated Reporting and Scheduled Refreshes” service, dashboards can be set to auto-refresh at regular intervals. This ensures that you’re always viewing the most recent and relevant data.

Yes, we do. Our “User Training and Dashboard Adoption Strategies” cater to all proficiency levels. We provide in-depth user guides, best practice sessions, and hands-on training to ensure users feel confident navigating and utilising the dashboards.

It’s a good practice to update network settings and passwords periodically. This enhances security, especially if you suspect any unauthorized access. We can guide you on best practices for network maintenance.

Certainly! We ensure seamless integration of all smart devices, from voice assistants to smart appliances, ensuring they function optimally on your network.

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